Customer FAQ 


How Many Cards Can I Buy At Once?

There Are No Restrictions To The Number Of Cards You Are  Able To   Purchase!


 HOT DEALS Are Cards Discounted At Minimum 40% Off!

How Many Hot Deals Are There?

The Quantity Of HOT DEALS Will Change Depending On The Day As A New Load Is Released Every Monday.

Are There Any Restrictions On The Cards?

No. The Cards Are Treated Just Like Cash And Apply To All Things A Business Offers.



How Does The Sale Work?

We Offer An Unlimited Amount Of Discounted Gift Cards, Available 24/7.We Also Have

A HOT DEALS Section Providing Deal With A Minimum Of 40% Off And A New Batch Of Cards Releases Every Monday.  

How Do I Get My Gift Card?

As Soon As You Complete Checkout, A Email With A Link Will Be Sent For You To Access The Card On Your Mobile Device, Or To Print Out Your Official Gift Card.


How Do I Redeem My Gift Card?

Once You Have Your Gift Card, The Card Is Used Just Like Cash And The Business Will Accept The Card On All Transactions!




How many cards do I have to put on the site?

This is really up to you and what it is you are trying to accomplish. This is the only Gift Card site where you actually get the revenue from all proceeds of Gift Card Sales. So it isn’t nearly as concerning as a business owner.
Our only ask is that you supply a good enough amount that you aren’t leaving your potential customers frustrated. We suggest an amount that you are comfortable selling at the 40% off rate and then doing an unlimited of the cards that sell for a $5-$10 off rate.

Who gets the money for the Gift Card Sales?

Great question. is the first ever site that gives you all the proceeds to the sales of the Gift Cards. Why shouldn’t you get the money? It is your business, your expenses and your service that is being sold. At the end of every month you will be emailed a rundown of your traffic for the month and a cheque for that amount will be delivered there soon after.

Do I have to offer any at 40% off?

Yes we do ask that you do have quantities that are at the 40% off rate. We know that the consumer is always looking for a deal. We want to ensure that you are represented in the Hot Deals section.

How long do I have to commit for?

We ask that you give us a 4-month commitment. We do advertising and marketing and you will be apart of that. We need to give the consumer the best experience we possibly can. If you are getting the money why would you ever want to leave?

How do I track the gift card?

The customer will be sent a link to print out a numbered gift card. We will also be able to provide you with a list of customers who bought from you in a given time period.

Other than putting the Cards on the site what else do I get?

Another excellent wants to ensure that our partners are getting enough value. We want you to be our partners forever.
On top of the Gift Cards you will also have a Business Profile on our site. This profile will give you an opportunity to speak to all your potential customers through our site. In the profile we will have a link to your website. This will give the consumer all the information necessary to purchase your Card on Lastly you will also go into a rotation for the Leaderboard and Big Box ad spots we have on our site. This will allow you to promote a product or sale you have going on at the store or it can simply be used as a branding piece.

Can I put restrictions on the cards?

We would ask that there are no restrictions placed on the Gift Cards. The gift cards are meant to be treated just like actual dollars.

How are you going to promote the site?

We have partnered with all the Chamber of Commerce in South Niagara to make sure that people all throughout the area know about the site. We are also going to have a strong Social Media presence. We are confident that the deals will make the site popular very quickly.

How does the sale work?

We will have to sections on the site. One will be for our Hot Deals. Those cards will be a minimum of 40% off. We will release a new batch of cards every Monday. The second section will be regular gift cards, which will always be on the site. These cards will have a nominal discount as thanks for shopping online.